About Us

"Take home a memory crafted in Spinel, the epitome of gemstone excellence."

Our Story

The Spinel House Legacy: A Journey Through Gemstones

Spinel House is not just a business; it’s a three-generation family legacy with a history deeply rooted in Myanmar for over 90 years. Originating in the mineral-rich lands of Mogok, we have been specialists in Burmese Spinels, taking them from the mines to marvels. Our comprehensive mines-to-market process ensures that every gemstone is ethically sourced and beautifully crafted, representing our steadfast commitment to quality and sustainability.

While our heart lies in Burmese Spinels, we are also a one-stop business house for wholesalers in the broader gemstone industry. Our product range extends beyond Spinels, touching upon various other precious and semi-precious gemstones such as Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, and more. All of this is made possible through our international offices located in Hong Kong, Jaipur, Mandalay, the Netherlands, and Bangkok. Whether it’s participating in prestigious trade shows or planning future affiliations, we continually strive to expand our reach and deepen our impact in the gemstone world.

Why We are Different

Why Spinel House Stands Apart in the Gemstone Industry

What sets Spinel House apart is our comprehensive, ethical mines-to-market process, a legacy we’ve nurtured over 90 years and three generations. Specializing in Burmese Spinels, we control every facet of the gemstone journey, from ethical mining in Mogok, Myanmar, to meticulous crafting in Jaipur, India. Our international network, with offices spanning Hong Kong, Jaipur, Mandalay, the Netherlands, and Bangkok, ensures a global reach. We are not just purveyors of gemstones; we are curators of quality and champions of sustainability, aiming to be a one-stop business house for wholesalers in the gemstone industry.

Our Value

Core Values That Define Spinel House

Our values center on ethical sourcing, unparalleled craftsmanship, and fostering long-lasting relationships in the gemstone industry.

  • Vision

    To ethically source and meticulously craft exceptional gemstones, setting the standard for quality in the industry.

  • Mission

    To become the go-to business house for wholesalers, elevating the global gemstone market through sustainable practices and innovation.

Let's Make Something Beautiful, Valuable and Memorable

Join us at Spinel House to create something extraordinary—where craftsmanship meets ethical sourcing to produce gemstones that are not just beautiful and valuable, but also truly memorable.